Links to the art, music, and films of the artist, Frank Joseph Zirbel, are assembled below. Reach him by email at: MENTAL INSECT'S three CDs on the Pteranodon Ltd. Editions label are now available for purchase as MP3 downloads in the complete CD format or as individual tracks. The actual CDs are also available. Following are the three CDs and their tracks:

"SKULL TRACKS; SIN, WHITE MAN, SEX AND THE DEVIL TRILOGY - PART 1" (1991) The five tracks on this EP are: "Starting From Zero" / "Wall of Tears" / "She-Wolf" / "Post Industrial Sex" / "Eileen's Song"

"TWO-HEADED FLY" (1995) Ten tracks on this 2-EP set (one disc) are: "Tough Times" / "3 Blind Mice" / "John Brim" / "Tough Times (slide)" / "Her Kiss of Hate" / "Gossip and Lies" / "The Idiot" /  "Clouds of Flies" / "Vincent Price Is Not The Only Fly (Parts 2 & 3)" / "Burnin' Hell (live)"

"LIVE AT THE BIG HORSE LOUNGE" (2000) The four tracks on this EP are: "Street Attack" / "Exit 99" / "Starting From Zero" / "The Idiot" (In addition to being available on, this CD can also be purchased at

(Mental Insect's legendary guest musicians on "Skull Tracks..." include: Johnny Frigo - violin, Carey Bell - harmonica, Sunnyland Slim- piano, Howard Levy - piano & harmonica, Bobby Lewis - trumpet, Jeffrey Vanston - synthesizer)

(MI's legendary guest musicians on "Two-Headed Fly" include: John Brim - blues composer/musician, Johnny Frigo - violin, John Duich - guitar)

SHOCK PRODUCTIONS--SHOCK ART Works from my "Influencing Artist" Series: drawings, etchings, paintings.  Seven of my drawings/prints appear within this landmark blog novel, AMERICAN FEVER. The story is about love and pestilence in contemporary New York City. This is a very topical narrative for a world devoured by the H1N1 flu epidemic. The author is Peter Christian Hall,  film director/journalist.

PSYCHO UNITY  is a line drawing comic/cartoon character of mine invented in the mid 1980s in New York's East Village. Frames featuring PSYCHO were first published during this same time period in the Houston, Texas free weekly arts/politics newspaper, PUBLIC NEWS. PSYCHO continued to be published through the rest of the decade. There is a copy of the first book of PSYCHO drawings, PSYCHO UNITY'S FIRST HANDBOOK OF HEAD INJURY, in New York's Franklin Furnace museum, now part of the Museum of Modern Art's artist book collection. The second Psycho Unity collection is titled, PSYCHO UNITY GAGGED IN THE PURITAN STATE. This link takes you to my nephew  Glen Gillingham's "Null" (skateboard zine) where he is publishing the best PSYCHO frames titled, TOXIC SALIVA (PSYCHO UNITY'S GREATEST FITS). Glen has been a fan of PSYCHO UNITY since childhood. So I find this quite appropriate.

POST INDUSTRIAL SEX  Narrative film/video, music by Mental Insect, directed by Zirbel. "The images depict a floating mannequin man learning the rewards of making it in America. Programmed, mechanical, duplicated and cloned, the inevitable progress and replication of mannequin man leads to the destruction of nature and war....The music....has an unrelenting, industrial/dance bottom with a complex arrangement of horrific guitar riffs, and classically minded cello as well as the sad, majestic violin of jazzist Johnny Frigo and high hat by drummer Barret Deems....."  Dan Dinello       NEW CITY    (This work was constructed from found footage into a six and a half minute story reflecting on greed and the sad state of today's American Dream.)

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